Our Church History

Anchor Baptist Church was founded on the thirtieth day of July, 1989, in a rented cinder-block room in the Westgate Community Center. The small auditorium was filled with metal folding chairs, and the nursery occupied the hallway. This recreation room would house the Anchor Baptist Church for six months.

After renting a hotel banquet room over the Christmas and New Year holidays, in 1990, a store front at 11 N. Westmoor Avenue was discovered. This same owner soon offered the larger store front around the corner at 3060 W. Broad Street. Eventually both store fronts were rented until the space suffice would not suffice.

In 1991, a church contacted Pastor Bell about a property at 3699 Clime Road. The church was dissolving, and they sought another church to take over the payments. There were three barns and one house on the six-acre plot. Two of the barns were since removed. The third barn still stands as the current bus shop.

In 1993, while church was still held in the store front on West Broad Street, the Anchor Baptist School was founded in the house on the property at Clime Road. All grades were represented that first year.

In 1995, we broke ground on the auditorium on the property at Clime Road. The first service was held in the fall of 1996. The old house on the property was soon used for staff offices, and the hallway outside the auditorium became the school, using a system of collapsible partitions.

In 2001, the Betty Rivers education building was built at the back of the parking lot, and the basement doubled as the church fellowship hall. The partitioned "rooms" in the church hallway were used for Sunday school classes.

In 2003, the partitions in the church hallway were removed and permanent staff offices were erected.

In 2006, we broke ground on what would be our new Sunday school wing and fellowship hall, occupying it in January of 2008. This beautiful building is "Phase One" of a two-part building plan, which includes a new auditorium annex.

In 2014, we celebrated the twenty-fifth anniversary of our church. God has been so very good to the people of the Anchor Baptist Church.